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Welcome to Canopy

An anonymous community for Creators to ask questions and gain industry insights to make smarter business decisions when it comes to growing your career. Have a question but don’t know who to turn to? Well, consider the Canopy Community your Creator bestie, full of real-time industry insights from Creators in the know.

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Real Talk with Real Creators

Canopy verifies all Creators before they can join the platform, so you can be sure that you’re connecting with quality Creators who are in the know.

Gain industry insights by asking questions anonymously to other Content Creators who have gone through similar experiences.​

We care about our Creators and building a positive community for all to thrive in, which is why we ask new members to abide by our Community Guidelines.


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A Safe Space to Learn & Grow

At Canopy there are no “stupid” questions when it comes to turning your passion into your livelihood.

Join the discussion, ask your questions, and grow your career as a Content Creator.​

Community First Approach

We’re a community built by Creators for Creators, and knowledge is power so we don’t gatekeep here. In fact, we reward you for sharing your knowledge and helping other Creators grow with aura points.

Whatever stage of the Creator journey you’re in, trust us, there’s a community of Creators out there who have gone through the exact same thing, who you can learn from - you don’t need to do this alone.

Stay Tuned

Grow with Canopy

At Canopy we’re not just building community, we’re building resources to help YOU grow your career as a Creator. We do the research so you don’t have to.

Tune into Under the Canopy – a podcast that discusses the highs, lows, and learnings of what it takes to become a full-time Content Creator.

Increase your Knowledge.

Build your Career.

Grow with Canopy.

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