The Canopy Code – Operating Principles

We started Canopy to put an end to gatekeeping across the Creator Industry and to provide a safe space that Creators could call home. A place to share the highs and lows of life as a Creator. A place to feel comfortable asking the “stupid” question. A place to vent without judgment. A place to get candid and spill the tea. This is why adhering to our Canopy Code is so important to us, because it only works if everyone opts in.  

Canopy Does Not Tolerate 

  • Sharing of Harmful Content
    • Harmful content is defined as anything that causes our community distress or harm, including but not limited to, online abuse, bullying and harrassment, threats, violent content, impersonation, and self-harm or suicidal content.  
  • Spread of Misinformation 
    • As a Creator first platform we know how important a Creator’s reputation is, which is why we do not support cancel culture on our platform or the spread of misinformation about a Creator that could cause reputational damage.  
  • Revealing of Identities 
    • Canopy has intentionally been designed as an anonymous-but-verified platform and we are committed to protecting the identities of not only our users but of any Creator discussed on the platform. 
    • Therefore we do not allow users to share the name, initials, personal email, or social handles of any other Creator other than themself with the Canopy community on our platform.
    • Only an active user can decide whether or not they want to intentionally reveal their identity on the platform.

Rules of Engagement 

⭐ No Ego No Problem – this community is for ALL Creators to learn, earn, and grow. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how much money you make, or whether you have a blue tick. Please check your ego at the door when you enter the group chat and treat everyone with kindness. 

⭐ Lead With Curiosity – ask questions, be curious, and keep an open mind. We all have different experiences and the purpose of the community is to learn from one another free of judgment. Please note, our platform is focused on educating creators on how to build a sustainable career. We are not a platform that supports or discussed adult content creation.” 

⭐ Contribute First, Lurk Second – this is a community based on sharing your experience and sharing your knowledge to help others on the journey, you get out what you put in, so we strongly encourage active participation. 

⭐ We operate on a one strike and you’re out policy – we do not tolerate harmful content or any content that violates our Canopy Code. If your content is flagged by another Canopy member and deemed by our moderation team to be violating our Code, you will be removed from the platform immediately. 

⭐ We don’t name and shame – this is a community platform, not a place to single out specific Creators, talent managers, brand representatives, or industry professionals by name, if talking about them in a negative light. We are anonymous by design and protecting the identities of our users and wider community is a top priority. 

⭐ Facts first and facts only – we stand for transparency and truth, not the spread of misinformation. Share information based on your own personal experience and not on the behalf of others, or on second-hand information that you cannot validate or verify. 

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